BP Online Training

The Nebraska Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Program, a division of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services goal is to improve the delivery and use of quality clinical and other health services aimed at preventing and managing high blood pressure and diabetes. Their team works collaboratively with Medical Care Development Public Health (MCD) to develop a series of online accurate blood pressure measurement training educational modules to share with medical and healthcare staff to review and practice the skills associated with accurate blood pressure measurements.

Four online courses were created to improve the accuracy and technique in blood pressure measurement and also to increase the use of self-measured blood pressure monitoring for individuals with hypertension or those who are hard to diagnose. These online course modules are available FREE of charge, can be taken anytime, are for healthcare professionals, are approximately 30 minutes in length, and provide 0.5 CEs for each module or 1.5 for the first three modules.   CE’s are generated at the completion of each module.  Only the SMBP module does not provide CE’s.  For the online BP training modules we offer CME and CNE credits. Click here for an informational handout. Additional information on these courses is also provided below.

What’s in the Training?

This program consists of four training modules:

·        Equipment Module

·        Technique Module

·        Errors Module

·        Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring. 

To Access the Trainings: 

1.     Go to www.bponline.mcdph.org.

2.     Click the Ready to Get Started? Register Here button. 

3.     Click the dropdown menu Do you have a coupon code button and select Nebraska BP Program.

4.     Complete the registration form with your personal information.

5.     Use NEBP for the site code and then select Register Now at the bottom of the registration page.

6.     After completing the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email with their username, password, and a link to the training login page.

7.     Log in using the username and password provided my MCD Public Health.

The three training modules, Equipment, Errors, and Technique can be completed in any order. They can be reviewed as many times as you like as long as the registration is valid.

Getting the Certificate of Completion:

Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement (3 Modules)

After completing each module, a “Completed” stamp will appear over the module. Once all 3 of the modules are completed, a blue “Get My Certificate” button will appear above the modules. Click the button to go through APHA’s evaluation steps to receive your certificate.

Self-Measure Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Download the certificate of completion once you have finished. Continuing Education credits for this program are pending approval. Once approved, we will contact you to complete an evaluation to receive your CE’s for this completed program.

If you have any questions please email Andy Link at Andy.Link@nebraska.gov, call (402) 471-2648 for bponline@mcdph.org