Family Physician of the Year Award

The Family Physician of the Year award is given annually to a member of the NAFP. The purpose is to honor a physician who exemplifies, in the tradition of family medicine, a compassionate commitment to improving the health and well-being of people and communities throughout Nebraska.  Nominations may be made by any individual who is close to the physician—patients, colleagues, friends, family, etc.  Candidates must be AAFP and NAFP members in good standing.  A winner will be selected by the NAFP Public Affairs Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Provides his/her community with compassionate, comprehensive, and caring medical service on a continuing basis.
  • Serves as a role model to his/her patients, community, family medicine colleagues, other health professionals, and especially to medical students and young physicians in training.
  • Is directly and effectively involved in community affairs and activities that enhance the quality of life in his/her home area.

The NAFP is no longer accepting nominations for the 2018 Family Physician of the Year. Please contact the NAFP if you would like details on the nomination process for 2019.

Past Recipients

1982   Rudy Sievers, M.D., Blair
1983   Donald Larson, M.D., Aurora
1984   William A. Doering, M.D., Franklin
1985   No Award Given
1986   James E. Ramsay, M.D., Atkinson
1987   Stuart P. Embury, M.D., Holdrege
1988   Dwight L. Larson, M.D., North Platte
1989   K. Don Arrasmith, M.D., Omaha
1990   James S. Long, M.D., Alma
1991   Delwyn J. Nagengast, M.D., Bloomfield
1992   Charles F. Ashby, M.D., Geneva
1993   Eugene L. Sucha, M.D., West Point
1994   Darroll J. Loschen, M.D., York
1995   Charles J. Vlach, M.D., Hartington
1996   Steven M. Williams, M.D., Omaha
1997   John M. McCammond, M.D., Kearney
1998   Dean R. Thomson, M.D., Nebraska City
1999   Dale E. Michels, M.D., Lincoln
2000   Richard A. Blatny, M.D., Fairbury
2001   Richard M. Fruehling, M.D., Grand Island
2002   Robert L. Wergin, M.D., Milford
2003   Gerald W. Luckey, M.D., David City
2004   Ron D. Scott, M.D., Kearney
2005   Jeffrey D. Akerson, M.D., Sidney
2006   David F. Demuth, M.D., York                
2007   Kathleen A. Bliese, M.D., Grand Island
2008   Mark R. Jones, M.D., Lexington
2009   Van E. Vahle, M.D., Seward
2010   Fred J. Pettid, M.D., Omaha
2011   David J. Hoelting, M.D., Pender
2012   Kent T. Lacey, M.D., Scottsbluff
2013   Randy T. Kohl, M.D., Firth
2014   Thomas A. McKnight, M.D., Fremont
2015   Joseph S. Miller, M.D., Lexington
2016   Gilbert A. Rude, M.D., Kearney
2017   Robert Rhodes, M.D., Lincoln