Creating the Future of Family Medicine

Do you want to create the future of Family Medicine or let others dictate it to you?

We have been repetitively outmaneuvered in the legislature by chiropractors, optometrists, and more recently by APRN’s. Who is next to erode our viability? It is essential to become more proactive rather than reactive. WE need your help now.

In these changing times we need a voice with our State Senators, Governor and members of Congress. I have personally written each member of the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians asking them to reach out to their senator. Whether you know them or not, are you willing to establish a relationship with them? If you are unsure of who your Senator is, please contact the NAFP office at 402-505-9198 or The same goes for our Governor, US Senators and Representatives. We need at least one, hopefully several, family docs to have a relationship with each of these individuals.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, health care delivery is going to change as much in the next 5 years as it has since 1965 with the advent of Medicare and Medicaid. All indicators are that Family Medicine has an opportunity to help engineer that change. The federal government, especially Medicare, regards Primary Care, and particularly Family Medicine, as one of the most important answers to the move toward Value Based Health Care. Family Physicians can improve quality and at the same time decrease the overall cost. We need to seize this opportunity.

The last six years have shown me how important a RELATIONSHIP with our legislators is to helping or hindering our cause. My personal relationship with Senator Wightman allowed us to get legislation regarding PCMH written and passed. We, as Family Physicians, have lacked relationships with legislators. As a consequence, we have seen the chiropractors and nurse practitioners use that to their advantage to gain independent practice. We as Family Doctors need to get involved. The Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians and your fellow Family Docs need YOUR help.

If you are willing to help, contact Samantha at the NAFP office, or 402-505-9198. When you notify Samantha give her the way or ways you want to be contacted (email, text, US mail, phone, other). If you have questions or need coaching contact myself, Bob Rauner or Mark Butler as below.


Joe Miller, MD, FAAFP
Cell 308-325-7356

Bob Rauner, MD, FAAFP
Chair, NAFP Legislation and
Governmental Affairs Committee
Member, NMA Legislation and
Governmental Affairs Committee

Mark Butler, MD, FAAFP
Member, NAFP Legislation and
Governmental Affairs Committee
Chair, NMA Legislation and
Governmental Affairs Committee