Dr. Joe Miller Receives the 2018 Phyllis Hansen Award

Phyllis Hansen, a former Executive Vice President of the NAFP, epitomized the vision and dedication of Nebraska family physicians. An award was created in her honor to recognize those NAFP leaders that through their words and actions demonstrate the same dedication and vision for our patients and fellow family physicians. It is an award that is not given every year, but instead just when a special person like Phyllis comes along. Dr. Joe Miller was nominated by his peers this year to be the recipient of this award. Dr. Robert Wergin presented him this award at the Annual banquet sharing this about Dr. Miller: “These past few years we have had a person in our Academy that demonstrates that dedication and vision for our patients and fellow family physicians, Dr. Joe Miller. He has a tireless energy and enthusiasm to promote family medicine in his practice and his life. He is innovative and never shies away from a challenge. He sees opportunity even in the face of obstacles in his path. He has a big heart. His missions to Haiti that he finances and arranges are just one example of his character and devotion to those less fortunate in this life. No matter what the challenges he faces, he is the definition of cheerful persistence. The NAFP is honored to recognize Dr. Joe Miller as the recipient of the Phyllis Hansen award this year.” It was a great evening and we were proud to recognize Dr. Miller for this prestigious award.