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Family Physician of the Day Program

Since 1983, the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians has played an important part in the Nebraska Legislature through the volunteer Family Physician of the Day program. Through this program, NAFP members volunteer to take care of the medical needs of Nebraska State Senators and their families during the legislative session. Not only have NAFP members provided necessary medical services to the Senators, but they have also provided Senators input from a family physician perspective. This program has enabled the NAFP to build an effective relationship with our Senators; a relationship that must be maintained if our views and suggestions concerning Family Medicine are to be heard.

Which dates are open?

This year we are trying to schedule Family Physician of the Day volunteers farther in advance, as we realize that schedules can be made three months or more in advance at your clinics and places of employment. However, this means that the calendar being used is very TENTATIVE and subject to change. The official legislative calendar for 2024 will not be available until late December when the Speaker finalizes it. The legislative calendar is always subject to change, and we will work with the Clerk of the Legislature office to communicate updates with as much notice as possible. 

  • Click the link above to view our Family Physician of the Day Calendar. Here you can view which dates have been taken and which are still available for your choosing. To secure your date(s), fill out the application below.

Thank you to our 2023 volunteers!

We want to sincerely thank everyone who volunteered for the program this year! We had multiple physicians who were repeat volunteers, and we appreciate the time you take out of your busy schedules to do this.

Below are the volunteers we would like to thank for 2023:

Kip Anderson, MD Brady Beecham, MD Rachel Blake, MD, FAAFP
Sean Flor, MD Jeff Gotschall, MD Lane Handke, MD, FAAFP
Theresa Hatcher, DO Dave Hoelting, MD Pat Hotovy, MD
John Jacobsen, MD Amy Jespersen, MD, FAAFP Christine Keim, MD
Dale Michels, MD, FAAFP Joe Miller, MD, FAAFP Robert Rhodes, MD, FAAFP
David Minnick, MD Jacob Peterson, MD Daniel Rosenquist, MD
Daniel Rosenquist, MD Eric Thomsen, MD George Voigtlander, MD, FAAFP
Marlon Weiss, MD Steven M. Williams, MD, FAAFP