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The NAFP's Strategic Plan includes Physician Well-Being as one of our 6 strategic initiatives, to promote physical and mental well-being of students, residents & all physicians by working with health systems to improve work environment and providing resources on work/life balance.

From our NAFP President, Dr. Christine Jeffrey:

Dr. Joe Stothert’s death by suicide once again illustrates how fragile we are as human beings. This has been an incredibly hard year. Every one of us has faced trials that we would never have dreamed of. We will bear the scars of this for the rest of our lives. We may put up a brave front that all is well, but we need to stay in touch with ourselves. Stay in touch with each other. Notice those subtle signs of something that may have changed in a colleague and don’t be afraid to reach out.

I put together a list of resources for anyone who needs help. This list is by no means exhaustive: 


Life Bridge 

  • Available free of charge to all physicians in Nebraska. 
  • This is provided by the NMA. It is a peer to peer coaching program. It is confidential and identities are never disclosed without written consent.

Click here to learn more.   



National Suicide Prevention Hotline 

1-800-273-8255 or text hello to 741741 for immediate assistance.

Click here to learn more.


National Physician Support Line 

888-409-0141 and press 2 to be connected to a psychiatrist.  

Click here to learn more.


EAP services may be available through health systems for their employees.  


UNMC counseling services through the PINS (Peers in need of Support) program.