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AAFP and NAFP resident membership represents an important step in your career. It signifies your decision to identify and associate with the most knowledgeable physicians in an organization dedicated to advancing and representing the specialty of family physicians. You get the benefits both across Nebraska and throughout the country. 

As a member of the AAFP and the NAFP you enjoy valuable benefits and resources to use throughout your medical career. AAFP resident membership gives you immediate, members-only access to educational and career resources -- resources that will serve you as a resident and practicing physician. AAFP membership is unified, which means that members are required to belong to the national AAFP and to their appropriate state chapter. Chapter membership makes it convenient for AAFP members to access relevant information and focused resources right where they live and work. Chapters offer local and regional opportunities to network, mentor, volunteer, take a leadership role, and get involved in the AAFP. To apply for membership, please complete the online application form

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