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Nebraska Chapter News

NAFP Members Cover Medical Needs of Nebraska Legislature

Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians members are known as the Family Physicians who not only care for their patients, but also care for our Unicameral Legislature. The relationships we have developed with our presence just off the legislative chamber floor, and the respect we receive, are extraordinary. For each of you who have participated, we thank you for donating your time and expertise.

In the 2017 session, we covered most days of the 90-day session and for that we thank you for again providing a medical home away from home for our Nebraska Senators. We are asking you again to plan on helping your NAFP by coming to the Unicameral for a least one, if not several days during the 2018 session. You can reserve a day by completing the form on the NAFP website ( or by emailing Jen Brady at You can again help your Academy “Make a Difference with a Day” in 2018. Each of you make this program successful and keep this important service available to our Senators.

2017 Volunteers:
Kip Anderson
Doug Bauer
Jason Bespalec
Brian Buhlke
Tara Burleigh
Hannah Christiansen
Anna Dalrymple
Robert Daro
Doug Dunning
Russell Ebke
Susan Evans
Jeffrey Gotschall
Rick Gustafson
Josue Gutierrez
Gilbert Head
Dave Hoelting
Pat Hotovy
John Jacobsen
Brent Jameson
Amy Jespersen
Tina Kearney
Christi Keim
Michael Keralis
Nate Krug
Carol LaCroix
Gerald Luckey
Melanie Menning
Roger Meyer
Dale Michels
Jacob Peterson
Steven Poertner
Robert Rhodes
Daniel Rosenquist
Michelle Sell
Doug States
Danielle Thies
Eric Thomsen
Natalie Tymkowych
George Voigtlander
Marlon Weiss
Elizabeth Wooster