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Nebraska Chapter News

Congratulations & Thank You to NAFP Members

Congratulations to our members with Anniversaries in 2023. We would like to say thank you to the following for their commitment, continued membership, and support of the Academy. 




  • Lonnie Albers, MD
  • Matthew Bogard, MD
  • Carla Church, DO
  • Joseph Dangberg, MD
  • William Dorwart, MD
  • Mark Hare, MD
  • Jessica Hatch, MD
  • Mindy Lacey, MD
  • Chad Moes, MD
  • Lindsey Mosel, MD
  • Susan Newman, MD
  • Craig Pekny, MD
  • Kali Rubenthaler-Brunkhardt, DO
  • Brooke Scuito, MD
  • Shane Stephenson, MD
  • David Thompson, MD
  • Jamie Vitamvas, MD



  • David Ensz, MD
  • Susan Evans, MD
  • Nathan Haecker, MD, FAAFP
  • Tina Kearney, MD
  • Rebecca Lancaster, MD
  • Mark Quinlan, MD
  • Jerald Rector, MD
  • Boshra Rida, MD
  • Rodolfo Sanchez, MD
  • Shane Smith, MD
  • Andrea VerMaas, MD
  • Matthew Weiland, DO



  • Jennifer Bengston, MD, FAAFP
  • Marjorie Bisenius, DO
  • Kenneth Blad, MD
  • Stacy Blum, MD
  • Carol Boelter, MD
  • Phyllis Byrd, MD
  • Thomas Fennessy, MD
  • Dorothea Jacobsen, MD
  • John Jacobsen, MD
  • Todd Johnson, DO, FAAFP
  • Eyad Kakish, MD
  • Amy McGaha, MD, FAAFP
  • Virginia Ripley, MD
  • Austin Rivett, DO
  • David Schram, MD
  • Anton Smolik, MD
  • Julie Theis, MD



  • Jason Bespalec, MD
  • Patrick Costello, MD
  • Douglas Dilly, MD, FAAFP
  • Maen Haddadin, MD
  • Victoria Halgren, MD
  • John Hallgren, MD, FAAFP
  • Therese Hennessy, DO
  • Andrea Herman, MD
  • Darin Hoffman, MD
  • Christine Jeffrey, MD, FAAFP
  • Robert Kahnk, MD
  • Lynette Kramer, MD, FAAFP
  • Edward Mantler, MD
  • Lorance Newburn III, MD
  • Bryan Nokelby, MD
  • Kelly Pierce, MD
  • Robert Rauner, MD, MPH, FAAFP
  • Charles Rogers, MD
  • David Stamm, MD
  • Ruilin Wang, MD



  • Patrick Brown, MD
  • Harold Huff, MD
  • Robert Messbarger, MD, FAAFP
  • Annette Miller, MD
  • Timothy Sullivan, MD
  • John West, MD
  • Janet Wolfe, MD, FAAFP
  • Thaddeus Woods, MD



  • Mark Goodman, MD, FAAFP
  • Theresa Hatcher, DO, FAAFP
  • Anthony Hatcher, DO, FAAFP
  • Michael Johnson, MD
  • William Lowndes, MD, FAAFP
  • Monty Mathews, MD
  • Paul Meissner, MD
  • Edward Montanez, MD, FAAFP
  • Paul Mueller, MD
  • Lisa Peterson, MD
  • John Smith, MD
  • Dean Thompson, MD
  • Roscoe Van Camp, MD, FAAFP
  • Tod Voss, MD, FAAFP
  • Marlon Weiss, MD, FAAFP



  • Frederick Feuerstein, MD, FAAFP
  • David Gloor, MD
  • George Head, MD, FAAFP
  • Carol LaCroix, MD, FAAFP
  • Pamela Malley, MD, FAAFP
  • Robert McKeeman, MD
  • Scott McPherson, MD, FAAFP
  • B-s Nugyenlehieu, MD, FAAFP



  • Craig Bartruff, MD
  • David Filipi, MD, MBA, FAAFP
  • Bruce Forney, MD, FAAFP
  • Dennis Hatch, MD
  • Gerald Luckey, MD, FAAFP
  • William Lyons, MD
  • Edward Metz, MD, FAAFP
  • Dale Michels, MD, FAAFP
  • James Miller, MD, FAAFP
  • Phyllis Salyards, MD
  • Carroll Verhage, MD
  • Orlyn Wingert, MD, FAAFP
  • Kevin Wycoff, MD, FAAFP



  • Roger Meyer, MD, FAAFP



  • John Denker, MD, FAAFP



  • John Finkner, MD, FAAFP


Again, we would like to thank these members for their dedication and invite all members interested to join us next year at our Annual Scientific Assembly Banquet (check your mail and email for updates on the date). 

*The anniversary year of membership is calculated by consecutive years as an AAFP/NAFP member. If membership was dropped at any time and picked back up without paying past dues, the years of membership resume beginning at one.