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NAFP Hosts Resident & Student Poster Presentations at 74th ASA

The attendees all had great feedback regarding research posters created by students and residents and presented at the 74th ASA conference on Friday, March 25, 2022. This year we had a total of 23 poster presentations with 18 student participants and 15 resident participants.

Congratulations to all for their hard work!


Title of Poster, Participant Name(s), Program & Graduation Year, (Faculty Advisor)

  • A New Way to Make the Hair SproutStephanie Emig & Taylor DeFreeceUNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • A POCUS Opus: Diagnostic utility of bedside ultrasound in community acquired pneumonia, Cody Masters & Blake HassUNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • Assessing medication adherence at a student-run free clinic in the MidwestJessica Grimmond, Alex Maben & Kalika Mahato, UNMC 2023, (Melanie Menning, MD, MPH)
  • Eosinophilic Fasciitis in a Pediatric Female Patient: A Case ReportTiffany ChuCUMC 2025, (Estefania Quesada-Masachs, MD, PhD)
  • HM-10/10 Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic CharacterizationBrittney Marie Wells & Mitchell Taylor, CUMC 2024, (Robin Farias-Eisner, MD)
  • The Hard Facts on Shockwave Therapy for Erectile DysfunctionBryant Carlson & Leo Tyler, UNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • The Next Magic Weight Loss Pill?Margaret Craig & Gabriel Garbin, UNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • Trade in the Ativan for a New RideApril Vonderfecht & Taylor DoescherUNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • Using the Sun to Prevent Skin CancerAlexandra Fiedler & Anna BockUNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)


Title of PosterParticipant Name(s)Program & Graduation Year, (Faculty Advisor)

  • A case of liquefactive necrosis in setting of hidradenitis suppurativa and immunosuppressionLauren Wight, MD, UNMC 2022, (Hannah Christiansen, MD)
  • A case report of Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia Syndrome in the setting of COVID-19 infectionThomas Vonderfecht, MD, UNMC 2022, (Aaron Lanik, MD, FAAFP)
  • A Startling Response to FlecainideBoone Parkinson, DO & Alison Bauer, DO, UNMC 2024, (John L. Smith, MD)
  • Breaking Down Barriers to POCUS Training in a Rural Residency ProgramAbby Richardson, MD, UNMC 2022, (Robert Messbarger, MD)
  • Clozapine induced Interstitial NephritisPraveena Vantipalli, MD, UNMC 2022, (Narayana M. Koduri, MD)
  • Deciding When to Get Back on the (Pommel) HorseAlison Bauer, DO, UNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • Evaluating the frequency of inpatient procedures done by the Family Medicine DepartmentOluwatobi Ogun, MD, UNMC 2022, (Hannah Christiansen, MD)
  • Evaluation of copper deficiency as a less known case of macrocytosisJoseph Wees, DO, Clarkson 2022, (Dale Agner, MD)
  • Evaluation of Simulations in Improving Resident ConfidenceAlexis Rogers, MD & Jenna Wong, DOClarkson 2022, (Dale Agner, MD)
  • Give it a Shot(put): Teenage Baseball Player with Elbow PainBrendan George, MD, UNMC 2022, (T. Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP)
  • Oculogyric CrisisJohn Price, MD, LMEP 2023, (Sabrina Cerny, MD, ABFM, FAAFP)
  • Patient Portals, Telehealth, and COVID-19Abraham Farhat, MD, Clarkson 2022, (Dale Agner, MD)
  • Simulation of IUPC and Cook Catheter placement in a Family Medicine Residency ProgramAndrew Hild, MDClarkson 2022, (Dale Agner, MD)
  • The COVID-19 pandemic effects on physical activity among primary care residents and staffMatthew Dorwart, MD, UNMC 2023, (Brigit Khandalavala, MD)